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My name is Rhonda Morin and I own Little Dog Bookkeeping. We support successful busy business owners to restore passion and energy in your business by outsourcing your QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping to us, so you can fetch more business and have more play time!

And who doesn't want that?

My Qualifications

  • QuickBooks Online Advanced Certified ProAdvisor

  • QuickBooks Online Elite ProAdvisor Program Level

  • Course Completion

  • Member American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers

  • Bachelor of Science, Colorado State University

  • 25 Years Business Ownership

  • P&C Licensed Insurance Agent, West Virginia


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About Me
How We Can Help
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How We Can Help

Did you REALLY start your business to be stuck in the office pushing papers and tracking down receipts?


No! You started it to help people and to create a better quality of life for yourself and your family.

So, why are you still reconciling your bank accounts, coding expenses and having no idea how to fix that accounting error?

Isn’t your time better spent growing your business?

Little Dog Bookkeeping specializes in bookkeeping. That's it, it's what we do! And working with us allows you to focus on what YOU do! 

We offer flexible customized packages that you choose, so you always know exactly what you are receiving and paying for on a monthly basis, there will be no surprises!!!

We only work with QuickBooks Online& Xero Online because it gives you REAL TIME access to your data at your fingertips, no matter where you are - in your office, on your phone, at a clients home or office, or on a mountain top enjoying the view.

We begin EVERY new relationship with a 24-Point Check Up. This allows us to see your business and where you are in your bookkeeping and it gives you insight into clean up that needs to be done on your part (or ours should you hire us for clean up services). 

Our packages are customized to your business and what you need. (see below)

  • Do you need us to touch your bookkeeping weekly, monthly or quarterly? Every business is different therefore the pricing is different.

  • Do you need payroll services? We use Gusto, QuickBooks Payroll & a local company because they can also help with great benefits for you and your employees!

  • How many employees do you have? Under 5? Great! Over 5? Even greater! We can help!

  • Use 1099'd contractors? Keeping the dates spot on can be difficult and COSTLY

  • What about customized reporting so you know where the revenue you worked so hard to earn is going?

  • Do you need customized chart of accounts so you can keep track of various properties or special projects?

We love being creative to help show you where your money is being spent
and how your profit is being generated! 

Services Offered for diffferent Breeds of Business

Dog Walker

Your business is as unique in what you do and what you offer as the breeds of dogs in the world. Below is a quick general list of the types of services we offer and how we can help you.

4 Easy Steps to Get Started:

  1. Schedule an initial consultation by selecting the Schedule Consultation button

  2. Invite us to QuickBooks Online to do a QBO checkup

  3. Select your customized package that will service your business best

  4. Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Services Offered & Pricing

Let's see how we can help!

  • I specifically support busy, successful small businesses gain control over the financial chaos!

  • Correctly coding your expenses & bills so you know its all been completed and you know what you have left

  • Reconciling bank accounts, credit cards & loans so you can be sure everything has cleared and been accounted

  • Money reports to show you who paid you and how you spent the money

  • Customized Monthly Reports: AP & AR Aging, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Reconciliation Detail, Chart of Account & Transaction by Vendor & Statement of Cashflow all the goodies that will show you exactly how your business is doing so you can make POWERFUL DECISIONS

  • Depreciation of Fixed Assets & Journal Entries to keep your accountant happy and tax time easy peasy

  • Payroll assistance so you can spend your time working your business not becoming a payroll specialist

  • Help with "catching" up or cleaning-up so you can relieve that horrible stress!

  • Email support for those nagging questions at 3AM

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Project Results

* 4,000+ uncategorized transactions - it was so overwhelming to my client
Organized & managed client account with 40+ bank and credit card accounts - a new business who needed to go fast and get the word out, and it totally paid off in revenue!
$100,000+ in non-recognized Accounts Receivable items - had this not been corrected, they would have paid DOUBLE in taxes for overstating income 
Discovered invasive employee theft - we trust our employees and finally with outside eyes on the books, the employee was stopped quickly!
25-30 month catch up/clean up - keeping your focus on your business is important but knowing HOW your business is doing allows you to make decisions with confidence and knowledge

* Accurately correcting balance sheet items - they had accounts on the books that should not have been there, showing the banks the business was more FLUID than it really was 
Adding custom payees/vendors for all transactions (typically 1,000+ per account or 2,000+ per year) - if you don't know who is getting your money how can you be sure the right person got paid? Keeping count of who you paid, when, gave this client buying power with their vendors
Custom designed chart of accounts for investments & multiple revenue streams - sometimes our businesses morph into other things for a short period of time, but you still have to account for those changes. We have several clients with various investments they are "feeling" out or money they have received for the "new idea" they have

Businesses Served

Small Businesses

Busy, successful small business owners really are the people who make the world go round. You sell services & products to all kinds of people and businesses. We help you do more of that by helping you see what's working and what isn't financially!



We are huge fans of therapy and coaching professionals! You are the healers of our world! Psychiatric, physical, chiropractic, massage, Reiki or coaches, we provide bookkeeping to support you so you can concentrate on healing others!

Insurance Agents

You spend your days protecting the insurance company's risk by making sure your insured's have the right coverage and do their part. Whether paying producers or keeping direct or agency billing straight or just knowing your financial risk, we have seen it, done it & solved it! 

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